My Mega-Dogs
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My Mega-Dogs

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Lindy was my first agility dog.  We adopted her when she was one year old and we were her FIFTH owners! (She just wore out everyone else.)  

We lost Lindy in June 2011 at the age of 16 1/2 years.  

Lindy did everything at top speed and with a determination that wouldn't quit.  Her work ethic was off the charts.  She would stand in front of me and tremble with anticipation of a command to go do something.  We did agility, herding, search and rescue, and tossed/fetched thousands of tennis balls and Frisbees.  Even when she could no longer walk, she insisted on being out with the other dogs during playtime and engaged in games of tug to the very end.

We miss her deeply. 


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Quickie is a male, smooth-coated Border Collie.  He started his agility career in 1999.  He was my extreme "distance doggy" - he would work 100' feet away from me, and do it accurately.  

Quickie left us in March of 2013, just a few weeks shy of his 16th birthday.  We miss his enthusiasm.  He enjoyed agility so much that he would squeak and squeal throughout the whole course.  His excitement worked against us in 2002 when we finished DEAD LAST in the NADAC Championships, but we redeemed ourselves with first place finishes in 2004 and 2008. 


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Pounce was our baby.  Like Quickie, she was adopted from Border Collie Rescue.  She came to us for Christmas in 2002 and immediately began her agility training.  She attended multiple  Championships, earning ribbons in all of them.  She completed the NADAC Triple Superior Versatility award - something only a small handful of dogs have achieved.

Pounce left us in June 2012 at the all too young age of 11 due to a heart condition.  I promised her that all the clouds in the sky were actually sheep she could herd, so I know she's up there doing a great job now.