Hosting a Trial
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Up Planning Packing List Ideas Scheduling Multi-Rings Ribbon Count

Thinking about hosting your first agility trial?
This page is dedicated to helping you.

PLANNING: Here's a document that outlines all the things needed to put on a trial, plus a schedule for when each step should happen.
PACKING LIST: Don't forget these items when packing the truck.
IDEAS: Learn from the mistakes and experiences of others.  Here's a list of suggestions from experienced trial hosts to help you avoid some common problems and make things go a little smoother.
SCHEDULING: How much time should you allot for each run?  Will the trial end at 4 p.m. or Midnight?  Here are some guidelines to help you figure it out.
MULTI-RINGS: One ring or two? Or even three?  The ins and outs of multi-ring trials, and a discussion of the plusses and minuses of different formats.
RIBBON COUNT: How many ribbons do you need to order?  Here are some guidelines, plus ideas for alternatives.


The information on these pages is partly drawn from my own experience and partly from input I have received from other agility folks.  Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data, mistakes do happen and you should check with the sanctioning organization for a final ruling on any requirements.

If you find a mistake or have something useful to add, PLEASE Email me and let me know.  With your input, we can continue to expand and improve the site and make it possible to have MORE and BETTER trials everywhere.