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Swim Therapy for our "Fur Kids"

Is your dog:

  • Recovering from an injury or surgery ?

  • An athlete on a conditioning program ?

  • Arthritic, dysplastic, or just slowing down from old age ?

  • Trying to lose a bit of weight ?

  • Bouncing off the walls from lack of exercise ?

  • A beloved pet who deserves a special treat ? 

Any of these are great reasons to come for a swim at the Mega-Dogs pool ! 

Swimming - A Success Story

My oldest dog, Lindy, has had three major surgeries - one to her spine and two that removed bones and surrounding muscle tissue from her rear legs.  After each, the vet cautioned us that she might never walk again.

Today Lindy walks, runs, jumps, and competes in agility, even out-running dogs one-third her age!

Swimming made this possible.

The Perfect Exercise

Medical professionals will tell you that swimming offers many benefits for people and dogs alike.  It is low impact, non weight-bearing, and easy on the joints.  It exercises multiple muscle groups.  You can work out for longer periods without overheating.  

After Lindy's first surgery, we were very fortunate to find a place where she could swim - at the time, it was the only one in the northwest!  Today, there are several facilities available for canine hydrotherapy, and the services are varied.

The Mega-Dogs Difference

Many of the other local dog spas focus on massage and relaxation.  The water is kept above 90 degrees, which is ideal for loosening muscles and soothing arthritic joints.  However, it's too hot for vigorous exercise.

The Mega-Dogs pool is geared towards a workout.  It is heated to approx 88 degrees - still warm and comfy, but allowing for extended activity without the danger of you or your dog becoming overheated.

The pool was specifically designed and built for dog swim therapy.  Filtration and sanitation systems are oversized to handle the extra challenges that our furry friends present.  No harsh chemicals are used - ozone and salt keep the water soft, clean, and clear.  

The glass pool house keeps things comfortable in any weather.  Floors, walls, and ceiling are all designed for splashing and playing - there are no restrictions against having fun !  There are toys, life jackets, swim harnesses, and dryers available for your use. 

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Come get wet at Pawz-n-Play !  



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