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The pool is 19' long, 8' wide, and 4'6" deep.  There's plenty of room for dogs to paddle around in, but for the truly strong swimmer there are swim jets that provide resistance for extra exercise.

The pool is enclosed in a glass pool house.  During the summer, all doors and the roof can be opened to keep things ventilated.  When temperatures are cooler it provides a heated, comfortable enclosure for year-round enjoyment.

There is a small changing room equipped with a crate and hair dryers (including one for your dog).

The pool is heated to approximately 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is cooler than the 94+ temperature that some of the other dog spas are kept at.  While the warmer temperatures are fine for massages and relaxation, they are generally too warm for serious exercise.  Your pup will be quite comfortable swimming for extended periods in our pool.


The pool water is continually filtered through a huge sand filter filled with zeolite.  The filter system is designed for a pool more than 20 times as big as ours.  Two skimmers handle the hair and other floating debris, and the pool is vacuumed regularly.

The water is sanitized with a combination ozonator and salt-water chlorinator.  This is an amazing system that cleans the water without the use of harsh chemicals.  There is no chlorine smell, no bleached or green hair, and your skin feels soft (and not "pruned") afterwards.  You may notice a very slight saltiness to the water - about the same as a teardrop.


For the comfort and safety for all who use the pool, we work to keep topical flea treatments out of the water.  These are pesticides, and can cause bad reactions in some dogs and people in addition to being deadly to fish.  If your dog has been treated with these in the last month, please contact Heidi to discuss removal and alternative treatments.


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