Your First Visit



Preparing for your visit

Please ensure your dog is clean and brushed for your visit.  Even though the filtering system is designed specifically for dogs, the less it has to deal with the more pleasant it will be for everyone.

Don't forget that people have an impact on water quality, too.  Please shower before your visit and wait until after your swim to apply lotions, oils, or makeup.  

Don't feed your dog for several hours before your swim.  No - we're not worried about cramps.  However, dogs often swallow quite a bit of water while swimming, and this has a tendency to come back up.  We'd rather his breakfast didn't come back up with it.

Trim your dog's nails.  This is for your comfort and protection against a flailing or paddling dog.

Take your dog for a potty break before your swim, especially if he suffers from incontinence.  If a dog defecates in the pool it must shut down for a day or more, at significant expense.

Flea Treatments

Do you use topical flea treatments such as Frontline, Advantage, Bio Spot, or any other product that is applied to your dogs' coat?  Despite the manufacturers' claims, they are not waterproof.  For the health and safety of all who use the pool, we need to keep these chemicals out of the water.

If you have used any of these products, please contact us regarding the waiting period and preparation requirements.  We will also be happy to discuss safer, more environmentally friendly flea prevention methods.

What to Bring

We don't provide towels, so be sure to bring your own - both for your dog and yourself.  You may even want extras for the ride home.  

If you choose to self-swim you'll be getting wet, even on your intro swim.  Bring your suit and/or a change of clothes.  Shower shoes or aqua-sox are also useful.

We provide hair dryers, floating toys, and swimming aids including doggy life jackets.  

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