Do I have to get in the pool?

If you'd rather stay dry you can schedule an assisted swim, and our staff will exercise the dog for you while you watch.  If self-swimming is your goal, then you will definitely be in the water for the intro swim.  During your self swim sessions it isn't absolutely necessary for you to enter the water.  If your dog is a confident swimmer you may prefer to simply toss a toy for him to retrieve.  

What if my dog can't swim?

Nearly all dogs can swim, but most need to discover that they know how.

During the intro swim session, I will assist you in introducing your dog to the water.  There are life vests in assorted sizes that your dog may use, plus a hoist that can be used in exceptional cases.

With gentle handling and reassurance, most dogs are comfortable in the water after one or two sessions.  Often by the third or fourth visit, it's hard to get them out of the pool.  

Can I bring a spouse or friend to help?

We encourage it !  

Even though the pool is only 4'6" deep, there's always a risk associated with swimming.  Having a second person with you during self-swims provides an extra measure of safety, plus they can help with your dog.

Your helper is also welcome at the introductory swim, at no additional charge.

Can my friend bring a dog?

You may share swim time with another dog owner, but there are restrictions.

Both people must have attended an intro swim and been signed off for self-swim.

Only one dog is allowed in the pool at a time (there's a crate in the changing room where you can confine a second dog).

Do you offer massage therapy?

We have two terrific therapists who provide treatment at the Mega-Dogs pool.  Click here for more information.

Can people swim, too?

Certainly !  Of course, you can find less expensive places for "people  swimming".  However, many people schedule longer appointments than they need and use the remaining time for themselves.